Tile & Grout Cleaning

KoJo Janitorial Tile and Grout Cleaners in Mississauga

Problems with Tile and Grout

Tile and grout build-up of dirt, grime and soil develops over time. This hardens and become very resistant to any form of cleaning and removal. Mopping and scrubbing is not always the most effective method to clean these hard surfaces. Plus, mold can eventually show on tiles and grout and poses what is a health hazard in Canada.

Cleaning Solutions for Stubborn Stain Removal

KoJo Janitorial Solutions cleaning crew is located in the Mississauga area. We disinfects and remove dirt and bacteria from tubs, floors, countertops, showers including hard surfaces that appear badly and unhygienic. Our experts are professional cleaners with services spanning the kitchen, bathroom, tiled surfaces, industrial or commercial establishment, removal of mold, mildew and other germs from both indoor and outdoor areas.

Advanced Cleaning Formulas

KoJo Janitorial Solutions restores tile and grout to a level that cannot be achieved with ordinary cleaning methods. We apply specialized industrial cleaning formulas and heat application methods that cut through the toughest stains. Straining and scrubbing is not effective once dirt and germs have settled in. Call our cleaning experts to rid your home or office of the most difficult and potentially hazardous tile and grout residue. Ask about the specials we offer in Mississauga for silicone sealing for tiles and grout! CLEANING FACT! Grout in a shower may last an average of 7 – 10 years. mold easily develops and regular cleaning methods often prove to be ineffective when these areas appear pitted and overly porous. For more information on keeping your home and business mold and mildew-free, call (647) 990-9275.