Post Renovation Cleaning

Residential Cleaning in Milton

After spending a sizable amount of time on renovation the last thing you want to do is start cleaning up the mess. KoJo Janitorial Solutions provides
cleaning services after renovation that transform your home from a chaotic mess to a spotless sanctuary.

We Do A Lot More Than Just Mop The Floor

KoJo Janitorial Solutions friendly, professional cleaning staff operates with modern and lightweight cleaning equipment and uses effective green cleaning solutions that won’t damage freshly painted and remodelled areas. Renovation or construction work requires detailed special cleaning care that KoJo Janitorial Solutions can provide to bring out your Mississauga home’s sparkle and shine.

KoJo Janitorial Solutions provides precise and specialized tailored cleaning that focuses on the details that make a difference. Polishing of all Window ledges and trim, window sills, baseboards, light fixtures, door frames and those hard to reach spots on ceilings and corners so you can come to your newly renovated home. Contact us for a free estimate and cleaning consultation with no obligation by calling (647) 990-9275.

Reliable Janitorial Services At Reasonable Rates For Milton Homes

Our post-renovation cleaning services include, but are not limited to:

  • Wipe-down of all surfaces using cleaning fluids that won’t damage fresh paint
  • Paint tape and renovation material removal
  • Ceiling fixture wiping and dusting
  • Complete bathroom post renovation clean-up
  • Vent cleaning
  • Paint spot and spill removal
  • Post renovation window cleaning
  • Kitchen cleaning following fresh tiling
  • Carpet vacuuming and cleaning
  • Post renovation cleaning customized to your needs