Health Care Facility & Medical Office Cleaning in Burlignton

Healthcare consumers are always increasingly aware of the necessity for rigorous sanitation practices. KoJo Janitorial Solutions works on providing a clean and safe envroment while adhering to all the regulations governing the cleaning and sanitation of healthcare facilities. As facility-related infections account for almost two million annual patient cases, it is always important for healthcare facilities to employ properly trained and equipped cleaning staff.

Keeping Burlington Healthcare Facilities Clean

KoJo Janitorial Solutions’s first priority when providing service is to sanitize through advanced and effective surface cleaning and specialized cross-contamination prevention methods. Staff are carefully trained to keep healthcare facilities safe, sanitary, and healthy for all patients, staff and visitors. Specialized cleaning methods and products are employed as compared to those used in an ordinary work or home environment.

KoJo Janitorial Solutions technicians follow a strict protocol when cleaning health care units, medical offices and all health related facilities. Our cleaning products are EPA approved and safe for all common and critical care areas. Customized cleaning plans are devised for each location to ensure safety as well as effectiveness.

Cleaning Protocols for Healthcare Locations

KoJo Janitorial Solutions practices precise color coding to control and eliminate bacterial transmission, state of the art advanced microfiber cleaning technology for wiping and mopping and cleaning procedures are used for the healthcare industry. KoJo Janitorial Solutions is the cleaning company that is most trusted by Burlington medical professionals. Contact us for further information at (647) 990-9275.