Floor Care Services Burlington

So, you are looking for professional floor care in Burlington? You have many choices when it comes to choosing a janitorial company, so it is important that you weigh your choices carefully. Not all companies are the same, and it pays to go with floor technicians you can trust to get the job done right – like the ones here at KoJo Janitorial Solutions. As a leading janitorial company in Burlington, we know how important it is that the floors of your business have a glossy, smooth finish! Nothing leaves a bad taste in a customer’s mouth like an unkempt floor, and we will employ the best of our abilities to ensure your flooring is agreeable to the eye!

Have your floors seen better days?

Remember the days when your floors looked great? No stains, no scuffs, no discoloration. What happened? As floors accumulate dirt and debris, they become vulnerable to damage caused by foot traffic. Dirt and debris will act like sandpaper against your floor as customers walk throughout your facility.

The single best way to restore the appearance of your flooring is through professional floor stripping and waxing. At Kojo Janitorial Services, we have top-of-the-line floor buffing equipment to properly remove the old wax and apply a new finish. We also offer tile and grout cleaning services!

Remove scuffmarks and streaks

While it may be true that people won’t react to perfectly clean floors, stains and scuffmarks will certainly raise a few eyebrows. Make sure clients never notice your floors and team up with KoJo Janitorial Services! If you are in the Burlington area and interested in scheduling an onsite evaluation, get in touch with us today. We will gladly tailor a floor care maintenance program designed to combat the devastations wrought by foot traffic, spills, and dirt.